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5 June 2010

We made it!  We have landed in Egypt, walked like Egyptians, eaten well,  seen some amazing artwork and and left without acquiring a dose of “Gypo guts”.  Perhaps it is more important we have left without killing any street touts....a big ask.

Egypt has been a truly overwhelming experience.  There is so much to absorb.  Nevertheless we have enjoyed Cairo and spent a few days on the Nile at Luxor exploring tombs and temples plus having a necessary calming float in a Felucca.  Our Photo inclusions will be kept small....there is just too much stuff to include and to do so would bore all but the most ardent Egyptophile.  We have included some images  that will perhaps prompt those who have not visited to come and see the country and its most famous draw cards for themselves.

Leaving Egypt was a relief - there comes a time when enough street hassle is enough!  We have now explored and relaxed in Turkey which has proved itself to be a real gem in our travels.  We will deal with Turkey in our next update.

In this update we have included some Egypt photos and a blog entry to tell of our adventures.

As always, enjoy and we look forward to news and feedback from you all. 

We have added a calendar to the “Where are we” page so are where a-bouts are known...sort of.

Yay! It is so nice that so many of you have come to see where we are and what we are doing

We have a new site to capture our Russian adventures.  Click on the picture!